Covid-19 Assistance

In the face of Covid-19, we all face uncertainty about the immediate future.   Fortunately, I know many have been able to keep working (maybe from home, or at office).  But I know some of you have been laid off work for the time being and will be some time until you receive your unemployment benefits or your $1200 check.  If you have been laid off because of Covid-19 we are willing to work with you and wait for rent payment until your unemployment benefits or check comes in (estimates are that it should take a couple weeks).   But we do need you to follow through and get the assistance which is available so that you can catch up.   Here are the sites for unemployment and the 1200 check:

Filing for Unemployment benefits

$1200 govt check being sent to you if you make less than 75,000/yr and filed income taxes

Rent Payment Assistance: There are also local services helping with pressing needs. Goodfellows Emergency Assistance Program is designed to assist people with one-time, urgent needs specific to housing and utility costs.

To apply for this assistance, you must contact one of the agencies below.

We look forward to the end of Covid 19, but for the time being, we will get through it together.  Stay strong and be safe.



Communion Properties

Welcome to Communion Properties website.  We sometimes have apartments or houses come available.  Contact us if you are looking.  Most of our properties are in the midtown Omaha area, near to Midtown Crossings and Creighton.  Our apartments are generally quite affordable.   When we fix up old houses, we do a lot of it ourselves, and we try to maintain the classic character of the places.  I try to use locals from the neighborhood to help with projects, working with some who otherwise wouldn’t have jobs.  Some of our properties are pretty unique, and we love to restore old hardwood floors, put in lighting that fits the buildings, and plant trees.  We also try to help tenants who maybe don’t always have an easy time finding a place.  We have a couple places that are very pet friendly, and we have been known to stick with tenants who lose their jobs or have other hardships that set them back. We also give work to some of the local characters in the neighborhood.  Most of what we do is pretty personal and organic.  That is the way we do things, for better or for worse.

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If you like cookie cutter apartments, plush carpeting, apartment swimming pools, gated communities, or other high end amenities, you will probably be a lot happier somewhere else.  But if you love midtown as we love midtown, you like classic original style old places, and you are pretty laid back, we will probably get along fantastic!

Andy Gustafson 402 669 9846